Chi paga i tagli di Obama

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  1. I agree with much of your analysis of the federal deficit problems facing Obama and the US. But I don’t understand why you didn’t include the rather glaring problem of the corporate taxation system. The failure of corporations to pay their fair share of taxes in the US is also a major contributor to the shortfall in the federal budget (although I do agree that defense spending is the giant culprit). An article earlier this month in the New York Times analyzes the current problems with corporate taxes. Here’s an excerpt:

    “….It is an extreme case, but it’s hardly the only company that pays far less than the much-quoted federal corporate tax rate of 35 percent. Of the 500 big companies in the well-known Standard & Poor’s stock index, 115 paid a total corporate tax rate — both federal and otherwise — of less than 20 percent over the last five years, according to an analysis of company reports done for The New York Times by Capital IQ, a research firm. Thirty-nine of those companies paid a rate less than 10 percent.”

    Link here: (“The Paradox of Corporate Taxes”)

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